Guess Who's Most Effective At Combating Global Warming

When it comes to limiting CO2 emissions, the results are not always what you'd expect.



EPA Says Ethanol Damages The Environment - Isn't It Time To Kill The Program?

The devastating report - based on, yes, actual 'science' - shows that the forced addition of ethanol to the nation's gasoline is making our air dirtier.



EDITORIAL: Environmental groups oppose Question 3, embrace a monopoly energy market in Nevada

The green energy industry has never been much for markets. In particular, solar and wind production have been goosed by taxpayer handouts and government portfolio mandates, justified as a small price to pay to wean the country off those evil fossil fuels.



Shale Gas Revolution Is Just Getting Started

"It represents a dramatic and largely unanticipated turnaround that dramatically changed both markets and long-term thinking about energy."



Unlimited cheap natural gas is a win for everyone

Even climate extremists should embrace natural gas, since it's slowly replacing coal and oil, and cutting carbon emissions.



The practically cost-free way to slow global warming that Trump won't adopt

What if there were a way to slash planet-warming greenhouse-gas emissions at little to no net cost? Opportunities such as these exist because knowledge about them has emerged gradually and the government has failed to require the simple changes needed.



Renewable fuels mandate: Still broken, still in need of action

As Americans hit the road this summer and gas prices are in the news, the Trump administration continues to seek a solution to what's proven to be a thorny issue - the Renewable Fuels mandate (RFS). Now more than a decade old, this is the law that forces more and more ethanol into our fuel supply.



Elect representatives who will unleash US energy potential

But there's something else to consider with your vote - as we decrease our dependence on foreign oil, particularly from volatile regimes, we also lessen the need for American troop-led intervention.



Energy infrastructure investment can unlock jobs, energy security

... some New Yorkers haven't forgotten being left in the cold when their homes lost heat over the winter. In the cold, but not in the dark when it comes to the solution: build more pipelines.



Assuring Energy Security with a Modern NAFTA

As negotiations reach the go/no go point for a revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), President Trump should recognize the agreement's impact on one of his top priorities: U.S. energy dominance.