Natural Gas Boom Hints At U.S. Energy Sufficiency

After decades of rising prices, hostile foreign suppliers and warnings that Americans will have to bicycle to work, the world faces the possibility of vast amounts of cheap, plentiful fuel. And the source for much of this new supply? The U.S.



Congressman Joe Heck Meeting

Congressman Joe Heck is a supporter of the Nevada Energy Forum and its effort to achieve and maintain an integrated, sustainable national energy policy. He spoke at a forum luncheon August 9, 2011 with energy expert, Rayola Dougher.



HollyFrontier and Sinclair Transportation Company Hosted Grand Opening of the North Las Vegas UNEV Petroleum Pipeline Terminal

HollyFrontier and Sinclair Transportation Company held a grand opening ceremony for the UNEV Petroleum Pipeline Terminal in North Las Vegas on May 2, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.